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Educational Materials

Pathologists have been coined “The doctor’s doctor” and as such, we provide education to our colleagues as well as patients. Click the months below to view educational articles.

Educational Articles:

Cervical Cancer Awareness: January 2017

Autoimmune Gastritis: February 2017

Bone Marrow Biopsy:March 2017

Opiod Testing: April 2017

Foresic Medicine: May 2017

Peripheral Blood Smear:June 2017

Legionnaire’s Disease: July 2017



Serum Light Chains (plasma cells/Myeloma):January 2016

Zika Virus:February 2016

Zika Virus updates:March 2016

Role of the pathologist:April 2016

Allergic Rhinitis:May 2016

Microscopic Colitis:June 2016

Seasonal Allergies: July 2016

Blood draw accuracy: August 2016

Zika Viral Testing: September-2016

Sugar and Heart Disease: October-2016

HPV vaccination: November-2016

Frozen Section: December 2016



Blood utilization updates:January 2015

Breast diagnostic correlation:  March 2015

BRCA testing: April 2015

Alzheimers Disease:  May 2015

Multiple Myeloma: June 2015

Pathogen reduction in blood products: July 2015

How to read your pathology report: August 2015

Healthy eating:September 2015

Dementia: The Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease: October 2015


Biopsy Process: Dec 2014

Influenza Vaccine:   Nov 2014

Enterovirus:   Oct 2014

Ebola Virus:  Sep 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness

New Blood, Old Blood, or No Blood